Dr Patrick Johnson

Medical Director 
MB, BS, MPM, CertChildPsych, FRANZCP

Patrick is a Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist, and Educator. He has worked with medical students, trainees, and medical colleagues across public and private practice.

Patrick started his medical career working predominately in Emergency Medicine. He then changed direction, training in Psychiatry and following this, Child Psychiatry, Patrick’s work has included being the CAMHS Clinical Director for a major regional Victorian Service for just on ten years.  This involved collaboration with Paediatricians, General Practitioners, and other Specialists.

A particular focus has been on Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry, which he continues as the Psychiatrist in the Anaesthetic Department at the RCH in the Pain Management Service.  In private practice Patrick has specialised in Psychoanalytical Psychotherapy for adults, supervision, and secondary consultation.

Patrick has experience in medical education and student welfare. He has been a Honorary Senior Lecturer at Monash University for over thirteen years and was a visiting Honorary Associate Professor at University College Dublin. Patrick has been involved in teaching and lecturing Medical Students, and in College Training and Exams of Local and Overseas Trainees.