Since the commencement of VDHP, we have assisted doctors and medical students presenting with numerous issues ranging from those having a mild impact on quality of life to those threatening careers and lives.  VDHP deals with each individual case on its merits and offers a range of interventions.


VDHP regularly delivers educational presentations and workshops to doctors and medical students about:

  • Overviews of doctors’ health and well-being
  • Substance abuse among doctors
  • Stress and stress management for doctors
  • The work that VDHP does and how to access our services
  • How to be a ‘Doctor for a Doctor’
  • Work/life balance
  • Or any other topic related to doctors’ health

We can tailor our presentations according to specific needs – we can provide anything from a 15 min lecture-style presentation to an interactive workshop lasting half a day. 

A few examples of the groups to which we have presented are: medical students at universities, interns at hospitals, and GPs in rural Victoria via their local division of General Practice.  Our Senior Clinicians have also been keynote speakers at various medical conferences.

If your organisation would like VDHP to present at your event, please contact us

“Saved my life, family and work.”

“Very apprehensive at first but then, realising we all had the same problems, I felt relieved and free to talk of my experiences.” 

“Although an addict is an addict, I do believe that doctors share common unique issues and a place to meet together is vital.”

“It gives everyone an opportunity to share their experience in a safe environment and allows you to see how others are tackling their addiction, thus allowing you to develop your own recovery program and strategy.”

“Recovery requires life-long management and Caduceus gives me a fantastic opportunity to maintain my recovery and help others do the same.”


A Support Group for Doctors with Substance Use Issues

One evening a week in an inner city location a group of doctors sit down together and talk about recovery from drug problems. They are part of ‘Caduceus’ – a Victorian Doctors Health Program (VDHP) support group for doctors with substance use issues. 

Alcohol and other drug use is no less prevalent in doctors and medical students than in the general population – and being a drug addicted medical practitioner comes with its own unique problems. Frequently the shame, guilt and remorse that is felt by a doctor with a drug problem is a massive barrier to them accessing treatment. This is exacerbated by a fear of possible consequences of disclosure, followed by a tendency to self-treat. Sadly, doctors have died in their attempt to conceal their secret. 

The VDHP views substance abuse and dependence as a disease/health issue. High quality treatment is readily available and the prognosis for an addicted doctor who participates in treatment programs is excellent. American and Canadian figures suggest over 90 per cent have successful outcomes and our experience over the years mirrors this.