Kathleen is a thirty-one year old general practitioner who referred herself to the VDHP due to experiencing severe depression. On presenting, she reported decreased enjoyment of usual activities, reduced appetite, frequent crying, and suicidal thoughts. She had also been withdrawing from family and friends, and spending an increasing amount of time in bed. Kathleen reported having experienced one prior episode of depression whilst in medical school, but said that it was not as severe. On conducting a suicide risk assessment, it was agreed that Kathleen would be admitted as an in-patient to an appropriate treatment facility. Following discharge, she agreed to participate in the VDHP Case Management, Aftercare and Monitoring Program (CAMP), and was closely supported by both the VDHP and other specialists involved in her treatment. Whilst Kathleen initially returned to work on a half time basis, she has now resumed full-time practice, and is progressing well.

― Kathleen