Rashad is a twenty-one year old third year medical student who was referred to the VDHP by his Clinical Dean. On presenting Rashad said that he was experiencing problems with anxiety, and that he felt “overwhelmed by everything”. He reported restless and disturbed sleeping patterns, poor diet, and immense concern over his pending examinations. Rashad said that whilst he had experienced anxiety previously, it had never been as severe. After some discussion, Rashad was able to identify numerous factors that were contributing to his anxiety, including his examinations, the recent death of a family member, and having to move residence. Rashad agreed to be referred to a psychologist for some on-going counselling. The VDHP arranged the referral, and remained involved with Rashad in a supportive role. Rashad has since reported minimal difficulties with anxiety, and said that he gained immense benefit from counselling. He is currently followed-up by the VDHP on a two monthly basis.

― Rashad